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The mission of 3.6.5 Youth

To train up a young generation that understands the importance of serving God with their mind, body, and spirit 365 days a year, everyday of their life. We want to equip young people with the truth of who Jesus is and who He is to them personally. We want to see a generation with knowledge of the Word and the Spirit of God for their own lives and to be encouraged to share the Light of God with others. We want to create an atmosphere where God is put first in our lives not only through gaining more knowledge of Him and pursuing God and His Kingdom, but also through the relationships we build as a family through this group. We want to see teens and young adults that are building strong relationship with other teens and young adults that are of like mind and like heart. We want an atmosphere where the young generations can thrive in growing together as a family, a child of God, and a servant of the most high.

What does 3.6.5 mean?

As stated in our mission, it is vital and important for the young generation to understand the importance of serving God and pursing Him each and every day of their lives, 365 days of the year. The 3.6.5 in our name simply is a reminder of that every time we gather together, our name is stated, the logo is seen, or anytime someone asks. With it not being “in your face” with it's meaning, we also hope for our name to be used as a witnessing tool when others ask “what does your name mean?”

When do we meet?

3.6.5 meets every week on Wednesdays at 7pm for approximately 1 hour. We also meet on Sunday mornings for Sunday School, which we call School of the Bible, at 9:40am before our Sunday morning service. We also schedule different activities throughout the month in order to have more time to fellowship as a group and family.

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